Blue Light Blocking Glasses1pack Square Computer Glasses Women/Men, Nerd Reading Gaming Glasses Non Prescription (bean…

Composite frame
Composite lens

Lens height:42mm
Total frame:137mm

Anti Blue Light Blocker, Suitable for any face type.Classic square fake glasses frame.

The screens we look at every day emit blue light which causes headaches, insomnia, eye strain, and can even lead to serious long-term retina damage. Our glasses offer superior protection from blue light because we use multiple layers of FDA approved blue light filter coating on both the inside and the outside of our lenses. Our competition only uses one layer of coating on the outside, and that’s just not enough.

Gaming glasses:
7 KEY BENEFITS: Whether you work in front of a computer monitor or you’re a rabid gamer, you’ll benefit from the lenses’ effective blue light blocking, anti-smudge & anti-scratch properties, dust & water resistance and UV ray protection.

Sleep better:
Blue blocker computer glasses can reduce eye strain and headache, so you can enjoy a restful deeper sleep. Our blue blocker glasses men women can also help you get to sleep faster.

Affordable price:
We have identified an issue in the blue light filtering glasses market. You either have expensive glasses, that are not for every budget, or very cheap glasses that give you bogus protection.We develop our own production, to the people who need it at the most suitable price and the best blue light protection.

Why do we want to sell blue light glasses?

My name is Avery. I am a salesperson sitting in front of the computer every day. I work 8 hours a day, and my eyes feel dry and tired every day. One shopping, I bought a blue-light-proof glasses. At first I was holding the mentality of trying it out. What surprised me was that anti-blue glasses really worked for me, it can alleviate my eye fatigue. When I wear it, I felt that the computer screen didn’t have such thorny eyes, so I shared it

Composite frame
Composite lens
Lens width: 2.04 inches
☀PROTECTION FOR YOUR EYES – Blue light blocking glasses can alleviates visual fatigue and discomfort from long periods of web surfing, gaming and working under fluorescent lights with UV400 protection and glare reduction.
☀BLUE LIGHT COMPUTER GLASSES – Unlike other blue blockers on the market with heavily tinted lenses. Our low color distortion lens is optimized to provide the perfect balance blue light protection and vision quality.Blue Light Filtering,Reduced Glare,UV Light Blocking,Anti-Screen Flicker,Electromagnetic Ray Blocking lens.
☀TR90 MATERIAL FRAME – The frame of these blue light glasses are made from TR90 material. TR material makes these computer glasses only half weight of plastic glasses, and two times durable. And these blue light blocking glasses are also constructed with reinforced metal hinges to ensure durability and avoid breaking. No fade.
☀Transparent Lens(Not Tinted Yellow Lens) – Give you a clear vision when play computer and laptop. Overal blue block rate: Low Color Distortion lens = ~52%, HD lens = ~62%
☀LIFETIME WARRANTY – Feirdio ensures all our customers with 100% Money Back Guarantee and Lifetime Breakage Warranty for our product. You have no risk to try!If you are not 100% satisfied we will refund you no questions asked! Just email us directly info.



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